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A Little More About ColdSnail

About ColdSnail Ltd

Established in February 2001, ColdSnail Ltd continues to innovate and is responsible for generating over £30m in sales on behalf of household brands and new online businesses in both the UK and Australia.

What We Do

Our websites cover a wide range of vertical channels and seasons encompassing all major social media platforms. We work closely with all UK major brands helping increase ROI and customer engagement.

What They Say

“Chris exceeded our high expectations. He always delivers good results and ColdSnail Ltd continually stands out from the crowd. One of our most trusted partners showcasing their innovative ideas.”

Domains For Sale

Over the past 15 years we've registered some nice domain names with the intention of building even nicer websites. Sadly not all websites got developed. Some are still being worked on, however we're always happy to hear from anyone who maybe interested in buying/renting them in the meantime.

  • Domain names are most commonly 11 characters long

  • All three-character domains are taken

  • The most expensive domain was sold for $35 million

  • Coca Cola owns 61 'ahh' related domains including "", "" and every other amount of 'h's.

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